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Is Poposhenko the president?


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Is Poposhenko the president?
All the West has staked on Poroshenko not only in the face of the second round but from the very beginning. Such a Ukrainian president is quite convenient to the USA as a peremptory and direct working ram against the Kremlin. Poroshenko has been successfully performing this part for the last 5 years and all the more as he has cut down all the links with Russia (the peace treaty and the tomos – a decree officially recognizing an independent Ukrainian Ortodox Church - are meant).
The West understands everything, even the fact that Poroshenko initially having a lack of sources to enter the second round can commit the crudest forgery wherever it is possible. Even before the elections started the Ukrainians, for example the Pogrebinskys, Azarov, Medvedchuk, pointed to the lies from his sight.
A possible evidence of falsification of the election results is the fact that citizens working abroad, especially those who are staying in Russia, were not let to participate in the elections. And they are counting hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. We can only guess if Poroshenko used those votes to surpass Yulia Timoshenko, keeping in mind that opinion polls had put Poroshenko on the third place and the Ukrainians didn’t expect him to have any success. By the way, if Russians had been let to be poll-watchers (though they weren’t let initially) they would have collated the number of the Ukrainian citizens who stay and work in Moscow with the number of ballot box stuffing and would have protocolled that. Nevertheless, only Europeans were let to participate on a selective basis.
This is no wonder. The USA has nobody else to stake on in the Ukraine except hackneyed Poroshenko. The radical Kiev Nazis will not be accepted by the West (inside the United States), and the anti-Nazi Ukrainian majority just doesn’t want to split the rest of the country and has been waiting long to reestablish traditional economical relationship with brothers-moskals as the European pies on Maidan showed themselves to be not to the Ukrainians’ liking.

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